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Galápagos - Kurt Vonnegut Here is a book that I enjoyed, but it wasn't a five star book for me. It wasn't the best novel of evolutionary cataclysm, it wasn't the best Kurt Vonnegut - but it was pretty good. This review doesn't do it justice, but then I wasn't going to write the Beethoven's Ninth Symphony anyway.

While reading this, I found myself wondering if a linear novella could replace the narrative here, then realized it wouldn't make the best of stories. I felt some frustration at the narrative jumps, far more cleanly done in Slaughterhouse Five. I really disliked the overabundance of quotes in the last half of the novel, but at least they weren't all by Lazarus Long.

On the other hand, reading this led me to a discussion of Saltation, which was interesting and new to me.

Am I glad I read it? Yes. I will continue to read Kurt Vonnegut off and on, and reread Cat's Cradle sometime soon (my first impression was five star).