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Timeshare - Joshua Dann This book reminded me of [b:Time and Again|40526|Time and Again|Jack Finney|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327932997s/40526.jpg|6887879] in many ways - the premise, the pacing and the prose. I particularly enjoyed how the potential paradoxes of time travel were handled. The mechanics were only briefly described, so like many time travel stories, this is very soft science fiction.

While some of the situations are a little unbelievable, they aren't so far fetched as to be impossible. I could readily imagine the Hollywood denizens described, even if I don't know which films they were or weren't a part of.

Joshua Dann has very few books published, and none in my local library. At first glance, the reviews for this book were fairly negative. I completely disagree - this book was not amazing, but I really liked it. I will seek out the sequel (which is unfortunately equally inaccessible).