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Nights at the Circus - Angela Carter Seems to me the "style" of the novel changed in each of the three parts - the first (from Jack's point of view) had many large words (Brobdingnagian!), and I enjoyed that quite a bit. I was lost through the second section - it didn't seem to coalesce, and had a third person point of view. Didn't like that section. The third jumped back and forth with an omniscient Jack as one point of view - the only one that works in this case, considering what happened to him. And yes, it brought the story together - mostly. Then there was the last few pages, which talked of a subplot I really didn't see.

Reading through some other reviews which rave about this book, I find it hard to figure out what I missed. I'd like to chat with someone who loves this book, but I doubt I will read it again.